Our Mission

To instigate self-reflection through storytelling


Our Community

We believe in allowing our readers to decide who they see in each story. Who Stories are made with minimal illustrations to allow anyone to connect themselves or someone they know to the message. Our community drives each book's inspiration as they find the value in themselves and others. 


Join Our Journey

There are many great charitable organizations that are trying to create positive change for people around us. Who Stories strives to be a connecting link between them and allow each to shine. We have a goal to one day be a brand that helps all charities and hope that you would like to join us. Subscribe to our emailing list for updates on new stories released and to find out which charity we are collaborating with next.


Meet Charlie Who

Hi Everyone! I am excited to be a part of this new adventure. In writing these short stories, I get a chance to reflect and be part of a positive effort. Within each book, I hope to put a feeling that reaches you through the pages. Remember your heart and love will follow.